The Team: A Peek Behind the Curtain

3 friends, one goal—creating great spaces for people to gather together.

Being moms of millennials, we understand the importance of gathering our people around the table in a day and age when everyone is scattered in different directions. Sunday dinners around the table and celebrations with family and close friends are part of our history.  A daughter’s wedding was our first big project. It was during the planning of that special day where our unique gifts and strengths were highlighted and the beauty of this team was born.
This is our story. We’d love to help you write yours.

Hobnob Occasions

Andrea Petkau 

Andrea was raised in an environment of hospitality. She grew up having Sunday dinners around the table with the family china, because what else do you do in Canada in the winter? Andrea, her husband Gerald, and their three children moved south to the warmer climate of North Carolina but still delight in that Canadian tradition.

Andrea has an eye for beauty and an attention to detail that is necessary to create a warm welcoming space for your friends and family. Her greatest wish is to make your heart’s desire a reality. You’ll be blown away by her style tricks and inspired by her “get ‘er done” attitude.

Hobnob Occasions

Trish Koslowsky

Having two grown boys, she realizes the importance of good food for gathering her people around the table. Trish and husband, Jeff, love to work hard and play hard, too.  If they’re not out tending the gorgeous landscaping in the yard or working in the woodshop, you’ll be just as likely to find them cruising along North Carolina roads on their motorcycle.

Trish’s head for business keeps the creatives grounded and on track.  Her mad organizational skills help make sure every detail of your event is covered.

Hobnob Occasions

Kris Stoner

Born in the south, Kris has a deep appreciation for beauty, hospitality and history. Breathing new life into all things old makes her heart pump. Her favorite way to spend time is scouring flea markets, estate sales and antique markets to uncover beautiful, timeless pieces that will add just the right touch to your gathering. The thrill of the hunt is what excites her, so if you haven’t found what you’re looking for, never fear, Kris will turn over every stone to discover it.

Kris shares her life with her husband, Greg, the genius who can create whatever she dreams up, and her two beautiful, grown daughters.