The Goods: Our Collection

Farm Tables

Our farm tables are locally made and hand-crafted from western red cedar, making each table uniquely beautiful.  We hand sand and hand finish our tables, allowing the natural beauty of the wood grain to shine through.  The tables measure 96” by 36” and seat 8-10 people comfortably.

Hobnob Occasions - Wooden Benches


Matching benches are available to accompany the farm tables. They are crafted from western red cedar and are a smaller version of the farm table.  Each bench measures 46” by 18”. Two benches fit perfectly down one side of the table, allowing seating for 4. Benches may also be used without the tables as seating to add a special charm to any ceremony. Surprisingly comfortable.

Hobnob Occasions - Wooden Benches


Nothing looks more charming than mismatched wooden chairs around our beautiful farm tables. Use ten different chairs around the table or combine them with benches and use chairs only at the ends. Either way, scoot on up, there’s room around the table for you.

Hobnob Occasions - Wooden Benches

Mismatched China

We love products that tell a story and each piece of our vintage china has a story to tell. You’ll be over the moon with the way that our unique pieces go together to create an array of looks to brighten your tables.

Hobnob Occasions Ceremony Doors

Large Specialty Items

No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories.  We believe that’s true when it comes to events as well.  Vintage furniture pieces, architectural details, and signage can add the perfect finishing touch to your photo shoot or event.

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Tabletop Accessories

We call this the icing on the cake. Choose from our large assortment of specialty items to create unique and beautiful displays.